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Two participants take written notes.

Fundraising workshops for partner organisations

Bonn, 18. August 2020. Exchanges between young people from different countries offer unique personal and intercultural experiences. Funding for this is available at Engagement Global, but in most cases a contribution from the participants is also required. An online workshop on fundraising gave participants the opportunity to learn how to raise funds.

Reflecting international partnerships

Berlin, 18th of August 2020. New publication of the International Cooperation Expert Forum encourages reflection and change of perspective in international partnerships.

News from ENSA

Berlin, 4th August 2020. A lot has happened at ENSA in recent weeks: The website is now available in English, the ENSA Diary with reports on international school partnerships has gone online and in early July ENSA held its first digital summer conference.

Young beninese mobilize for agenda 2030

Bonn, 30th July 2020. A team of young Beninese which had been involved in the organisation of the international conference "Countdown 2030, 2063 and beyond: Our common future" took up the recommendations of the conference and mobilised young people for further activities.

Participants of the workshop develop new training modules in a group session. Photo: AGYI Benin Network.

Volunteering and youth exchanges in Benin

Bonn, 30th July 2020. Towards a reference manual for volunteer and youth exchange missions in Benin.

Seven young people sit together. Three men in the back row, four women in the front. Photo: Mike Denison

Youth engagement in times of COVID 19

Bonn, 6th July 2020. A youth response team takes up the COVID 19-challenge in South Africa.

Africa-Europe Youth Meet-Up takes place online

Bonn, 2nd July 2020. At the Africa-Europe Youth Meet-Up from 8th to 10th July 2020, young people from Africa, Europe and the diaspora can exchange their ideas and solutions on global challenges virtually.

One World Promoters 2019.

Promoters for One World

Bonn/Cologne, 2nd June 2020. The One World Promoters’ Programme supports numerous, mostly voluntary initiatives and associations throughout Germany in their local commitment for a globally just and sustainable world.

Parlez-vous anglais? International CHAT between WORLDS flyers released

Bonn/Cologne, 14th May 2020. CHAT between WORLDS has released new flyers for interested people in countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The new flyers, available in English, French and Spanish, explain in an easy way to understand how individuals, school classes and youth groups can participate in CHAT between WORLDS projects.

The photo shows a mixed group of about 16 female and male participants of the conference, facing each other in two rows. Photo: Mike Denison/WESSA

Partner Matching Conference in Johannesburg

Bonn/Cologne, 8th February 2020. From 2 to 6 March 2020 a Partner Matching Conference took place in Johannesburg, South Africa. WESSA, Engagement Global, GIZ, BKJ and the dsj were involved in the organization of the conference. The aim of the conference was to promote new partnerships in extracurricular exchange.

The photo shows a Graphic with the Bibliography on youth encounters. Photo: Engagement Global

Bibliography for youth encounters

Bonn/Cologne, 24th March 2020. Engagement Global offers a collection of sources and platforms for planning and implementing youth encounters between people from Germany and African countries.

There is a Graphic with the 17 icons used to present the 17 Global Goals from the United Nations. Photo: Project Everyone

The World’s Largest Lesson

Bonn/Cologne, 12th March 2020. World’s Largest Lesson is a project with the aim to bring the Global Goals to children all over the world and unite them in taking action.