What's new?

Finalization of the AGYI

Bonn, 15th December 2020. The AGYI pilot phase will be finalized as planned by the end of 2020. The AGYI Coordination Office says goodbye and would like to sincerely thank all partners for their cooperation and dedication.

Quality management in the field of voluntary activities and youth exchanges in Benin

Bonn, 16th November 2020. For the first time, two organisations received the newly and cooperatively developed certificate for good practice in voluntary work and youth exchange in Benin

Presentation of the services offered by Réseau AGYI Bénin

Bonn, 17th November 2020. During its Open Day, Réseau AGYI Bénin presented the services and milestones developed and achieved over the two years of its existence.

Launch of the African Union’s volunteerism linkage platform

Bonn, 12th November 2020. On November 12th, 2020, the African Union Commission (AUC) in partnership with the German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ) launched the continental “Volunteerism Linkage Platform”.

Practical tips for establishing contacts in international youth exchange

Bonn, 12th November. In cooperation with partner organisations from African countries and Germany, Engagement Global has organised so-called partner-matching conferences. The experience gained is now available in a manual with practical tips.

The AU Youth Disability Inclusion Guideline Launched

Bonn, 9th October 2020. The newly launched African Union Youth Disability Inclusion Guideline aims to ensure inclusivity of disabled African youth in exchange and volunteering programs.

Inclusion in youth and voluntary work in Tanzania

Bonn, 8th October 2020. The Tanzanian Youth Coalition worked with experts to develop a training manual on inclusion in youth exchanges and volunteering.

Reimagining volunteering for the 2030 Agenda

Bonn, 7th October 2020. The Global Technical Meeting 2020 on „Reimagining Volunteering for the 2030 Agenda“ brought together representatives from governments, the private sector and the civil Society.

Two participants take written notes.

Fundraising workshops for partner organisations

Bonn, 18th August 2020. Exchanges between young people from different countries offer unique personal and intercultural experiences. Funding for this is available at Engagement Global, but in most cases a contribution from the participants is also required. An online workshop on fundraising gave participants the opportunity to learn how to raise funds.

Reflecting international partnerships

Berlin, 18th August 2020. New publication of the International Cooperation Expert Forum encourages reflection and change of perspective in international partnerships.

News from ENSA

Berlin, 4th August 2020. A lot has happened at ENSA in recent weeks: The website is now available in English, the ENSA Diary with reports on international school partnerships has gone online and in early July ENSA held its first digital summer conference.

Young beninese mobilize for agenda 2030

Bonn, 30th July 2020. A team of young Beninese which had been involved in the organisation of the international conference "Countdown 2030, 2063 and beyond: Our common future" took up the recommendations of the conference and mobilised young people for further activities.